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Alpine Resort is a haven for both golf enthusiasts and food lovers, thanks to its exceptional dining options. Burton's on the Bay and Burtons on the Green stand out as prime destinations for culinary delights.

Burton's on the Green, located conveniently adjacent to the clubhouse on the golf course, offers a delightful combination of refreshing beverages and classic lunch favorites. Whether you're taking a break from a round of golf or simply seeking a relaxed atmosphere, this restaurant provides the perfect setting to unwind. With a menu that caters to a variety of tastes, you'll find yourself indulging in mouthwatering dishes while enjoying the picturesque views of the golf course.

For a dining experience with a scenic waterfront backdrop, Burtons on the Bay is the place to be. Nestled within the Alpine Resort itself, this restaurant boasts a captivating view of the water, making it an ideal spot to savor specialty cocktails and savor an array of delectable dishes. Kick off your dining experience with their renowned steak tips as an appetizer, and let the culinary adventure unfold as you explore their diverse menu. The combination of exceptional food and a breathtaking ambiance creates an unforgettable experience for visitors at Burtons on the Bay.

Whether you're an avid golfer or simply someone who appreciates great food, Alpine Resort's restaurants, Burton's on the Green and Burtons on the Bay, offer an exceptional dining experience. From classic lunch favorites to specialty cocktails and waterfront views, these restaurants are sure to satisfy both your appetite and your desire for a memorable dining experience.


7715 Alpine Road Egg Harbor, Wisconsin

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