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BAILEY'S HARBOR, WISCONSIN Nestled amidst the tranquil beauty of Door County, just 2500 miles northeast of the famed Napa Valley, lies a hidden gem for wine enthusiasts – Stones Throw Winery. Unlike the bustling crowds of Napa, this winery offers a serene and unspoiled haven for those seeking a unique wine-tasting experience. What sets Stones Throw apart is not only its picturesque location but also its commitment to crafting exceptional wines in the most traditional and hands-on way possible.

In 1993, the visionary Russell Turco embarked on a remarkable journey driven by his love for fine food and wine. He pondered the idea of sourcing premium California grapes, shipping them all the way to Door County, and crafting wines one barrel at a time. What started as a concept fueled by a bottle of Turco's Old Vine Zinfandel soon became a reality after three years of meticulous planning. Quality grapes were sought, harvested at the peak of ripeness, and transported in refrigerated trucks over the 2500-mile journey. Unlike some California wineries that delay crushing for days, Stones Throw Winery ensured that their grapes were crushed within 36 hours upon arrival. This dedication to detail, combined with the collaborative efforts of friends, relatives, and growers, led to the successful creation of fine wines that continue to captivate palates even as the winery enters its 24th year.

Stones Throw Winery stands as a testament to the belief that exceptional wine is born from high-quality grapes, unwavering attention to detail, and the intimate process of small tank fermentation. For those seeking an authentic wine-tasting experience in a tranquil and unspoiled setting, this winery is indeed a stone's throw away from perfection.

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